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Development and experimental study of oil-free capacitor module for plasma focus device_ R K Sharma_ A Sharma_ 2017.pdf29.4 MiB2017-May-28 23:40
Hansen_PF_Base.xls5.3 MiB2012-Feb-16 14:49
Angular distribution of ion beams energy and flux in a plasma focus device operated with argon gas_ Mahsa Etminan_ Farzin ..>5.2 MiB2021-Sep-06 17:25
Similarities and differences in plasma focus devices from 1MJ to less than 1J_ L Soto et al_ 2010.pdf5.1 MiB2014-Oct-20 05:42
Development of the dense plasma focus for short-pulse applications_ N Bennett et al_ 2017.pdf5.0 MiB2017-May-28 23:37
Dense Plasma Focus Z-pinches for High Gradient Particle Acceleration_ V Tang_ M L Adams_ B Rusnak_ LLNL_ 2009.pdf5.0 MiB2012-Feb-21 06:04
Hundred joules plasma focus device as a potential pulsed source for in vitro cancer cell irradiation_ L Soto_ J Jain_ J Mo..>4.9 MiB2017-Oct-07 04:45
Acceleration and trapping of fast ions in self-organized magneto-plasma structures in the dense plasma focus_ S K H Auluck..>4.3 MiB2020-Feb-12 02:54
Characteristics of fast deuteron sources generated in a dense plasma focus_ Kubes et al_ 2021.pdf4.1 MiB2021-Aug-30 21:57
Electromagnetic Burst Measurement System Based on Low Cost UHF Dipole Antenna_ Gonzalo Avaria et al_ 2017.pdf3.8 MiB2017-Oct-07 07:49
Lee Code_ Dense Plasma Focus Numerical Simulation_ RADPFV5.15de.xls3.2 MiB2012-Feb-18 08:20
Effect of polarity on beam and plasma target formation in a dense plasma focus_ S Jiang_ D P Higginson_ A Link_ I Holod_ A..>3.0 MiB2019-Aug-14 03:28
Digital Pulsed Power System to Drive a 20J Repetitive Plasma_ E Abdolreza_ G Shervin_ B Hojat_ N Ali_ M Abolfazl_ 2018.pdf2.9 MiB2019-Feb-19 20:09
Dynamics of two microscale DPF devices_ W Pollard Jr_ A Duggleby_ D Staack_ 2016.pdf2.3 MiB2017-May-02 06:35
A 100000000 neutrons per pulse transportable pulsed D-D neutron source based on flexible head plasma focus unit_ R Niranja..>2.0 MiB2019-Feb-19 20:00
A 1 billion neutron per pulse transportable pulsed D-D neutron source based on flexible head plasma focus unit_ R Niranjan..>2.0 MiB2017-May-28 23:26
Development and study of a portable plasma focus neutron source_ V P Vinogradov_ A V Nashilevskii_ V I Krauz_ G Remnev_ 20..>2.0 MiB2014-Oct-20 05:46
High Efficiency Plasma Focus_ Fusion And Applications_ Jan S Brzosko_ PF50-7-_03_07-CurrentTrends-bk_ 2007.pdf1.8 MiB2012-Feb-16 04:20
Man-Portable Dense Plasma Focus for Neutron Interrogation Applications_ NLV-009-17 Year 3 of 3_ B Gall_ M Heika_ M Blasco_..>1.7 MiB2021-Aug-30 22:02
Dense Plasma Focus - From Alternative Fusion Source to Versatile High Energy Density Plasma Source for Plasma Nanotechnolo..>1.7 MiB2017-May-09 22:15
Simulation of electrical discharge in a 3.6 Joule miniature plasma focus device using SIMULINK_ Hossein Jafari_ Morteza Ha..>1.7 MiB2014-Oct-20 20:05
Analysis of neutron emission in a dense plasma focus device_ A Raeisdana_ S M Sadat Kiai_ A Sadighzadeh_ A Ghorbani_ M Bak..>1.5 MiB2021-Feb-07 05:57
Technology of a Small Plasma Focus Incorporating Some Experiences with the UNU ICTP PFF_ S Lee_ 1989.pdf1.5 MiB2012-Feb-20 01:53
Experimental Study on the Optimization for Neutron Emission in a Small Fast Plasma Focus Operated at Tens of Joules_ A Tar..>1.4 MiB2014-Oct-17 02:45
Development and performance characterization of a compact plasma focus based portable fast neutron generator_ Rishi VERMA ..>1.4 MiB2021-Feb-07 06:31
Characterization of Electron Beams from a Dense Plasma Focus_ Emil Petkov_ Stuart Jackson_ Andrey Beresnyak_ Arati Dasgupt..>1.1 MiB2021-Aug-30 22:09
Electrical Behavior of an Ultralow-Energy Plasma-Focus Device_ M O Barbaglia_ Ho Bruzzone_ H N Acuna_ L Soto_ A Clausse_ T..>1.1 MiB2014-Oct-16 19:13
Evolution of the Pinched Column During Hard X-ray and Neutron Emission in a Dense Plasma Focus_ P Kubes et al_ 2018.pdf968.1 KiB2019-Aug-14 03:35
Optimized Design of Sub-kilo Joule Dense Plasma Focus and Measurement of Neutron Yield_ Ravindra Kumar Sharma_ Rishi Verma..>948.7 KiB2021-Feb-07 05:49
Low voltage operation of plasma focus_ Rohit Shujla et al_ 2010.pdf935.7 KiB2014-Oct-17 12:10
Palm top plasma focus device as a portable pulsed neutron source_ R K Rout_ R Niranjan_ P Mishra_ R Srivastava_ A M Rawool..>910.9 KiB2014-Oct-17 02:56
Optimization of neon soft X-ray yield in a low-energy dense plasma focus device_ M A Malek_ M K Islam_ M Akel_ M Salahuddi..>847.1 KiB2019-Aug-14 03:32
Evidence of nuclear fusion neutrons in an extremely small plasma focus device operating at 0.1 joules_ L Soto_C Pavez_ J M..>803.0 KiB2017-Oct-06 06:41
Evidence of nuclear fusion neutrons in an extremely small plasma focus device operating at 0.1 joules_ L Soto_ C Pavez_ J ..>792.9 KiB2019-Feb-19 19:57
Dynamics and Density Measurements in a Small Plasma Focus of Tens-of-Joules-Emittting Neutrons_ Ariel Tarifeno-Saldiviaeta..>763.0 KiB2012-Feb-16 13:46
Dynamics and Density Measurements in a Small Plasma Focus of Tens-of-Joules-Emitting Neutrons_ Tarifeno-Saldiviaetal_ C Pa..>763.0 KiB2014-Oct-20 05:53
On the representation of dense plasma focus as a circuit element_ S K H Auluck_ Phys Plasmas 2021.pdf690.7 KiB2021-Mar-23 22:38
A simple facility for the teaching of plasma dynamics and plasma nuclear fusion_ Dense Plasma Focus_ 1988.pdf676.4 KiB2012-Feb-16 12:50
Fusion reactions from >150keV ions in a dense plasma focus plasmoid_ Eric J Lerner_ S Krupakar Murali_ Derek Shannon_ Aaro..>657.7 KiB2012-Apr-04 15:19
Non-radioactive Source for Field Applications Based in a Plasma Focus of 2J_ Pinch evidence_ L Soto_ C Pavez_ J Moreno_ J ..>629.6 KiB2014-Oct-20 05:51
dpf_sketch.jpg619.7 KiB2012-Mar-01 06:53
Numerical Experiments on Oxygen Soft X-Ray Emissions from Low Energy Plasma Focus Using Lee Model_ M Akel_ Sh Al-Hawat_ S ..>615.7 KiB2012-Feb-21 05:51
Dense Plasmas Research in the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commision_ Past, Present and Future_ L Soto_ P Silva_ J Moreno_ M Zam..>587.5 KiB2012-Mar-26 06:22
On some necessary conditions for p-11B ignition in the hot spots of a Plasma Focus_ A Di Vita_ EPJ D 2013.pdf540.7 KiB2014-Oct-17 05:27
Design and construction of a very small repetitive plasma focus device_ S Goudarzi_ N Aral_ H Babaee_ A Nasiri_ A Esmaeli_..>521.6 KiB2014-Oct-16 19:52
New trends and future perspectives on plasma focus research_ Review_ Leopoldo Soto_ PPCF_ 2005.pdf474.6 KiB2012-Feb-16 14:41
Research on Pinch Plasma Focus Devices of Hundred of Kilojoules to Tens of Joules_ Cristian Pavez et al_ a54v344b_ 2004.pdf444.7 KiB2012-Mar-26 06:16
Theory and Experimental Program for p-B11 Fusion with Dense Plasma Focus_ Eric J Lerner_ S Krupakar Murali_ A Haboub_ J Fu..>435.2 KiB2012-Feb-18 22:44
Nanofocus_ an ultra-miniature dense pinch plasma focus device with submillimetric anode operating at 0.1 J_ PSST_Nanofocus..>393.0 KiB2012-Feb-16 13:13
D-D neutron yield in the 125 J dense plasma focus Nanofocus_ M Milanese_ R Moroso_ J Pouzo_ Phys J D_ 2003.pdf227.2 KiB2014-Oct-16 18:17
Demonstration of X-Ray Emission From an Ultraminiature Pinch Plasma Focus Discharge Operating at 0.1 J Nanofocus_ Cristian..>219.0 KiB2012-Feb-16 13:29
Dense Plasma Focus DPF Accelerated Non Radio Isotopic Radiological Source_ Brian Rusnak_ Vincent Tang_ US20100215136A1.pdf216.2 KiB2017-May-09 22:09
Studies on the scalability and scaling laws for the plasma focus_ similarities and differences in devices from 1 MJ to 0.1..>195.9 KiB2012-Feb-16 13:58
In situ determination of the static inductance and resistance of a plasma focus capacitor bank_ RevSciInst_ 2010.pdf194.0 KiB2012-Feb-17 03:59
Towards advanced-fuel fusion_ Electron, ion energy 100keV in a dense plasma_ Eric J Lerner_ arxiv0205026.pdf193.6 KiB2012-Feb-20 00:08
Multiple pinch formations in small plasma-focus devices_ M Barbalgia_ H Bruzzone_ I Rios_ H Acuna_ J Gonzalez_ A Clausse_ ..>187.2 KiB2013-Jan-06 12:36
Mini-F_ A Small Plasma Focus Device_ Steven Hansen_ TBJ_ 1998.pdf157.1 KiB2012-Feb-16 14:48
Advances Towards PB11 Fusion With The Dense Plasma Focus_ Eric J Lerner_ Robert E Terry.pdf143.0 KiB2012-Feb-17 04:00
DPF-in-GlowMode.jpg116.7 KiB2012-Feb-23 01:20
Numerical experiments on plasma focus neon soft x-ray scaling_ S Lee_ S H Saw_ P Lee_ R S Rawat_ 2009.doc98.5 KiB2012-Feb-18 08:15
Neutrons and Neutron Generators_ Steven Hansen_ The Bell Jar_ 1997.pdf76.1 KiB2012-Feb-20 00:30
Development of portable neutron generators based on pinch and plasma focus discharges_ L Soto_ J Moreno_ P Silva_ C Pavez_..>74.0 KiB2014-Oct-16 18:12
Repetitive Nanofucus_ Evidence of a neutron and x-ray emission from an ultra minuature pinch plasma focus discharge operat..>52.6 KiB2012-Mar-26 06:14
nanofocus.gif20.8 KiB2012-Feb-23 00:54

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