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Radio Astronomy/-2021-Apr-13 12:00
Solar/-2022-Jul-20 12:00
Solar Polarimeter Design/-2015-Mar-02 04:36
Spacecraft/-2022-Sep-13 12:00
spaceweather_examples/-2015-Mar-02 04:36
1564.8nmFeI_line_zeeman-splitting.png83.3 KiB2011-Oct-29 21:32
A Citizen Science Network for Measurements of Atmsopheric Ionizing Radiation Levels_ GLE Measures_ B J Clewer K A Ryden_ A..>6.4 MiB2019-Jun-21 19:34
A Delta-V map of the known Main Belt Asteroids_ A Taylor_ J C McDowell_ M Elvis_ actaastro 2018.pdf2.2 MiB2018-Apr-09 02:42
A Dispersed Heterodyne Design for the Planet Formation Imager_ arxiv14077036v1.pdf681.9 KiB2014-Aug-19 04:49
Alignment of quasar polarizations with large-scale structures_ D Hutsemekers_ L Braibant_ V Pelgrims_ D Sluse_ eso1438a 20..>239.8 KiB2014-Nov-20 08:57
A luminous quasar at a redshift of z 7.085_ natureletter_ june-30-2011_ eso1122.pdf365.1 KiB2011-Jun-30 20:46
An Earth mass planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B_ eso1241a_ 2012.pdf1.4 MiB2012-Oct-17 12:03
A New Class of SETI Beacons That Contain Information_ arxiv12116470v1.pdf1.9 MiB2013-Jan-15 11:41
A New Cosmological Distance Measure Using AGN_ D Watson_ K D Denney_ M Vestergaard_ T M Davis_ arxiv11094632.pdf186.7 KiB2011-Sep-28 12:53
A new sub-mm source within a few arcseconds of Alpha Centauri_ ALMA discovers the most distant object of the solar system_..>1.7 MiB2016-Jan-24 04:38
An Experimental Platform for Creating White Dwarf Photospheres in the Laboratory_ arxiv12107197.pdf1.4 MiB2014-Feb-22 15:48
An impenetrable barrier to ultrarelativistic electrons in the Van Allen radiation belts_ D N Baker et al_ Nature 2014.pdf6.4 MiB2014-Nov-28 21:04
An improved map of the Galactic Faraday sky_ arXiv11116186.pdf2.1 MiB2012-Feb-04 18:10
Anthropogenic Space Weather_ arxiv161103390.pdf4.2 MiB2016-Nov-18 10:51
A plethora of diffuse steep spectrum radio sources in Abell 2034 lrevealed by LOFAR_ arxiv160306591.pdf8.3 MiB2016-Mar-24 12:20
A Radio Continuum Survey of the Galactic Plane at 10 GHz_ Yoshiaki Sofue et al_ PASJ 1987.pdf1.2 MiB2014-May-11 16:25
A Review of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Phenomena Related to Tropospheric-Ionospheric Coupling Mechanisms_ Fernando..>393.5 KiB2016-Jul-06 05:53
A Rotation Measure Image of the Sky_ A R Taylor_ J M Stil_ C Sunstrum_ apj 2009.pdf2.0 MiB2016-May-13 15:02
A Statistical Analysis of the Accuracy of the Digitized Magnitudes of Photometric Plates on the Time Scale of Decades with..>4.3 MiB2016-May-11 02:46
Asteroid Retrieval Feasibility Study_ Keck Institute for Space Studies_ 2012.pdf1.8 MiB2012-Dec-28 15:10
Asteroseismology can reveal strong internal magnetic fields in red giant stars_ J Fuller_ M Cantiello_ D Stello_ R A Garci..>1.5 MiB2015-Oct-25 04:37
Asteroseismology can reveal strong internal magnetic fields in red giant stars_ Supplementary_ J Fuller_ M Cantiello_ D St..>692.3 KiB2015-Oct-25 04:38
A technical comparison of three low earth orbit satellite constellation systems to provide global broadband_ j actaastro 2..>3.3 MiB2019-Mar-18 19:40
A temperate rocky super-Earth transiting a nearby cool star_ J Dittmann et al_ eso1712a_ Nature 2017.pdf6.7 MiB2017-Apr-19 19:51
A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri_ eso1629a_ 2016.pdf1.4 MiB2016-Aug-24 19:40
A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri_ Guillem Anglada-Escude et al_ Nature 2016.pdf3.1 MiB2016-Aug-25 02:20
A two-cell photoelectric polarimeter at the Uppsala Observatory used for observations of some magnetic variables and other..>1.5 MiB2011-Nov-02 03:08
A very luminous magnetar-powered supernova associated with an ultra-long gamma-ray burst_ eso1527a.pdf551.6 KiB2015-Jul-08 18:58
Basic Astronomical Data for the Sun_ Eric Mamajek_ 2012.txt100.6 KiB2012-Dec-04 01:26
Bright Perseid fireball with exceptional beginning height of 170 km observed by different techniques_ Pavel Spunry et al_ ..>10.9 MiB2014-Mar-10 12:43
Broadening_of_hydrogen_alpha-due_to_temp.png79.8 KiB2011-Oct-28 00:51
Chandra-HETGS Observations of the Brightest Flare Seen From Sgr A_ arxiv12096354v1.pdf404.4 KiB2012-Nov-08 13:38
Chasing the Shadow_ The IOTA Occultation Observers Manual.pdf10.6 MiB2011-Mar-28 21:04
Coronal activity cycles in action - X-rays from alpha Centauri A B_ arxiv161206570.pdf634.9 KiB2016-Dec-27 09:41
Cosmical Electrodynamics_ 2nd Ed_ Hannes Alfven_ CY Falthammar_ 1963.djvu1.5 MiB2011-Aug-12 21:11
Cosmic Magnetic Fields_ Observations and Prospects_ Rainer Beck_ arxiv11043749.pdf1.2 MiB2011-Sep-13 06:31
Cosmic Magnetic Fields_ Richard Wielebinski_ Rainer Beck_ 2005.djvu7.0 MiB2011-Sep-13 06:44
Cosmic rays, Cloud Condensing Nuclei and clouds_ a reassessment using MODIS data_ AtmosChemPhys_ 2008.pdf1.8 MiB2011-Sep-27 05:05
Costs And Difficulties Of Large-Scale Messaging And The Need For International Debate on Potential Risks_ John Billingham_..>379.5 KiB2012-Jun-05 05:59
Curiosity at Gale Crater, Mars_ Characterization and Analysis of the Rocknest Sand Shadow_ D F Blake et al_ Science 2013.pdf1.4 MiB2013-Sep-26 23:07
Demonstration designs for the remediation of space debris from the International Space Station_ T Ebisuzaki et al_ 2015.pdf1.6 MiB2015-Apr-20 15:16
Detection of Galactic Center Source G2 at 3.9 microns During Periapse Passage_ G Witzel et al_ ApJ 2014.pdf455.5 KiB2014-Nov-04 09:03
Detection of orbital motions near the last stable circular orbit of the massive black hole SgrA_ arxiv1810.12641.pdf1.3 MiB2018-Nov-05 17:18
Direct Observation of Radiation-Belt Electron Acceleration from Electron-Volt Energies to Megavolts by Nonlinear Whistlers..>2.6 MiB2014-Jul-16 11:08
Direct Ultraviolet Imaging and Spectroscopy of Betelgeuse_ arxiv13042780v1.pdf313.2 KiB2013-Apr-12 09:37
Does the worsening galactic cosmic radiation environment observed by CRaTER preclude future manned deep space exploration_..>1.5 MiB2014-Dec-08 08:22
Draft Environmental Assessment for Issuing an Experimental Permit to SpaceX for Operation of the DragonFly Vehicle at the ..>3.1 MiB2014-May-22 06:07
Dusty Plasma Effects in Near Earth Space and Interplanetary Medium_ Ingrid Mann et al_ 2012.pdf1.8 MiB2012-Nov-30 03:17
e-MERLIN resolves Betelgeuse at wavelength 5 cm_ hotspots at 5 radius star_ 1303.2864v1.pdf178.9 KiB2013-Apr-27 03:26
edge-of-space-variable-atmosphere-density.jpg147.5 KiB2018-Dec-19 23:31
EIT Waves and Coronal Mass Ejections_ P F Chen_ C Fang_ arxiv11085274.pdf593.9 KiB2011-Aug-29 15:40
Electron Acceleration in the Aurora and Beyond_ D Bryant.chm2.1 MiB2011-Oct-11 14:05
Electron acceleration to relativistic energies at a strong quasi-parallel shock wave_ A Masters et al_ nphys2541 2013.pdf651.3 KiB2013-Apr-03 00:07
End-to-end interstellar communication system design for power efficiency_ arxiv13054684v2.pdf5.7 MiB2013-Dec-01 11:41
Enhancing Science from Future Space Missions and Planetary Radar with the SKA_ Dayton L Jones_ Joseph Lazio_ POS 2014.pdf10.7 MiB2014-Dec-21 12:27
ESA Solar-Orbiter_ Exploring the Sun-heliosphere connection_ brief-2011-07-22.pdf18.1 MiB2011-Aug-17 09:03
Evidence for a Distance Giant Planet in the Solar System_ Konstantin Batygin_ Michael E Brown_ 2016.pdf2.9 MiB2016-Jan-21 01:49
Explaining sudden losses of outer radiation belt electrons during geomagnetic storms_ Drew L Turner et al_ Nature Physics_..>3.4 MiB2012-Mar-25 17:57
Explaining sudden losses of outer radiation belt electrons during geomagnetic storms_ supplementary info_ Drew L Turner et..>4.0 MiB2012-Mar-25 17:58
Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora_ 2nd Edition_ SI Akasofu.pdf78.2 MiB2011-May-09 05:44
Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora_ SI Akasofu.djvu8.3 MiB2010-Dec-03 23:48
Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora_ SI Akasofu.pdf19.2 MiB2010-Sep-23 20:07
Explosive Nucleosynthesis_ What we learned and what we still do not understand_ arxiv180907187.pdf123.9 KiB2018-Sep-20 03:34
Feasability Study of Water Vapor Adsorption on Mars for In Situ Resource Utilitzation_ S C Coons_ J D Williams_ A P Bruckn..>1.8 MiB2017-Feb-23 05:48
Finding Earth 2 from the Focus of the Solar Gravitational Lens_ L D Friedman_ S G Turyshev_ 2015.pdf320.9 KiB2017-Oct-17 06:18
Geological Map of Io_ USGS 3168.pdf16.1 MiB2012-Mar-20 17:03
Geological Map of Mars_ K L Tanaka_ J A Skinner_ J M Dohm_ R P Irwin_ E J Kolb_ C M Fortezzo_ T Platz_ G G Michael_ T M Ha..>34.5 MiB2014-Aug-08 23:15
Geological mapping and characterizations of Gale Crater and implications for its potential as a Mars Science Laboratory la..>25.2 MiB2012-Aug-11 03:44
Gigantic Circular Shock Acoustic Waves in the Ionosphere TRiggered by the Launch of FORMOSAT-5 Satellite_ Chou et al_ AGU ..>2.0 MiB2018-Mar-15 18:57
Global upper-atmospheric heating on Jupiter by the polar aurorae_ J ODonoghue_ L Moore_ T Bhakyapaibul_ H Melin_ T Stallar..>4.7 MiB2021-Sep-15 20:47
HD344787_ The Polaris Analogue That is Even More Interesting Than Polaris_ decreasing cepheid star_ arxiv11024848.pdf504.0 KiB2011-Feb-28 02:51
Instrumentation for Astrophysical Spectropolarimetry_ Christopher U Keller_ 2000.pdf694.1 KiB2011-Dec-04 11:43
Intensity Stellar Inferferometry_ Starbase.pdf577.3 KiB2013-Dec-11 08:00
Interstellar Dust Close to the Sun_ Priscilla C Frisch_ Jonathan D Slavin_ arxiv12054017.pdf331.3 KiB2013-Feb-06 02:37
Investigation of Ios Auroral Hiss Emissions Due To Its Motion in Jupiters Magnetosphere_ M H Moghimi_ ASEG_2012.pdf796.1 KiB2011-Sep-19 08:46
KIC8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.165 Magnitudes Per Century from 1890 to 1989_ arixv160103256v1.pdf214.7 KiB2016-Jan-17 07:36
KIC8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.165 Magnitudes Per Century from 1890 to 1989_ arixv160103256v2.pdf497.7 KiB2016-May-04 02:14
KIC 8462852 Faded Throughout the Kepler Mission_ arxiv1608.01316v1.pdf1.0 MiB2016-Aug-29 01:13
Life, Briefly, Near a Supernova_ Steven I Dutch_ 2005.pdf64.9 KiB2011-Sep-27 04:40
Limits and Signatures of Relativistic Spaceflight_ arxiv150305845v1.pdf863.3 KiB2015-Mar-25 14:01
Low-frequency Faraday rotation measures towards pulsars using LOFAR_ probing the 3-D Galactic halo magnetic field_ arxiv19..>8.8 MiB2019-Jan-24 19:48
Lunar and Martian Lava Tube Exploration as Part of an Overall Scientific Survey_ Andrew Daga_ 2013.pdf641.8 KiB2016-Jul-14 03:10
Managing Critical Disasters in the Transatlantic Domain - The Case of a Geomagnetic Storm_ FEMA_2010.pdf295.0 KiB2011-Feb-18 21:37
Membrane diffractive space telescopes_ Geoff Anderson_ USAF 2012.pdf6.1 MiB2012-Aug-12 03:01
Messaging with Cost Optimized Interstellar Beacons_ arxiv08103964v2.pdf951.0 KiB2013-Jan-15 11:00
Mid-Latitude Sporadic-E_ A Review_ Michael Hawk_ 2001.pdf62.2 KiB2013-Dec-21 17:52
Mini-magnetospheres above the lunar surface and the formation of lunar swirls_ arxiv12072076.pdf1.2 MiB2012-Jul-10 23:34
Molecular gas in the immediate vicinity of Sgr A Prime seen with ALMA_ arxiv1707.02951.pdf3.2 MiB2017-Jul-13 06:31
Monitoring the Dusty S-Cluster Object DSO G2 on its Orbit towards the Galactic Center Black Hole_ arxiv1410873v2.pdf2.1 MiB2015-Mar-30 04:42
Motivation and possibilities of affordable low-frequency radio_ Applications to exoplanet research and two instrument conc..>138.9 KiB2014-Apr-25 12:20
New analysis for the correlation between gravitational waves and neutrino detectors during SN1987A_ arxiv160305076v1.pdf430.3 KiB2016-Mar-21 21:36
New evidence of meteoritic origin of the Tunguska cosmic body_ V Kvansnytsya_ R Wirth_ L Dobrzhinetskaya_ J Matzel_ B Jaco..>1.0 MiB2013-Jun-11 22:29
New periodicity in Jovian decametric radio emission_ M Panchenko_ H O Rucker_ M L Kaiser_ O C St Cyr_ J L Bougeret_ K Goet..>878.6 KiB2012-Aug-31 06:37
Observational evidence for summer rainfall at Titans north pole_ Dhingra_ 2018.pdf1.1 MiB2019-Jan-18 21:57
Observations of solar and stellar eruptions, flares, and jets_ Hugh Hudson.pdf11.9 MiB2015-Oct-21 01:28
Observing a Black Hole Event Horizon_ Sub-Millimeter VLBI of Sgr A_ arxiv09064040.pdf472.5 KiB2011-Feb-24 22:59
Oceanography on Saturns Moon, Titan_ Ralph D Lorenz_ Oceans 2013.pdf950.3 KiB2013-Sep-15 14:22
On the Little-Known Consequences of the 4 August 1972 Ultra-Fast Coronal Mass Ejecta_ Facts Commentary and Call to Action_..>817.1 KiB2018-Nov-17 03:59
Origins of Magnetospheric Physics_ An Expanded Edition_ James A Van Allen_2004.djvu1.9 MiB2011-May-06 08:42
Outer Magnetospheric Boundaries_ Cluster Results_ Goetz Paschmann_ S J Schwartz_ C P Escoubet_ S Haaland_ 2005.pdf13.9 MiB2011-Aug-12 21:16
Phase diagram for magnetic reconnection in heliophysical, astrophysical, and laboratory plasmas_ Hantao Ji_ William Daught..>3.3 MiB2012-Jul-19 11:42
Planet Hunters X_ KIC 8462852_ Wheres the Flux_ arxiv150903622v1.pdf3.2 MiB2015-Oct-16 00:55
Plasma Physics of the Local Cosmos_ National Research Council.pdf16.6 MiB2011-Jun-04 07:38
Plasma pressures in the heliosheath from Cassini ENA and Voyager 2 measurements: Validation by the Voyager 2 heliopause cr..>2.4 MiB2019-Jul-09 03:59
Polarization and Cosmic Magnetic Fields_ Rainer Beck_ MPIfR_ 2010.pdf14.6 MiB2011-Sep-14 04:31
Positron decrement in AMS-02 compared to Pamela due to solar cycle_ arxiv12110691.pdf731.1 KiB2012-Nov-09 14:20
Practices in source code sharing in astrophysics_ arxiv13046780v1.pdf149.4 KiB2013-Apr-26 07:14
Prediction of a Red Nova Outburst in KIC 9832227_ arxiv170405502.pdf12.4 MiB2017-Dec-01 01:04
Project Icarus_ A review of local interstellar medium properties of relevance for space missions to the nearest stars_ Ian..>288.2 KiB2012-Apr-21 08:15
Quasi 9 and 30-40 days periodicities in the solar differential rotation_ J Javaraiah_ arxiv11054035.pdf384.1 KiB2011-Aug-24 11:13
Reconstruction and Prediction of Variations in the Open Solar Magnetic Flux and Interplanetary Conditions_ Mike Lockwood_ ..>3.9 MiB2014-Jan-24 08:45
Recovery of 150-250 MeV per nucleon Cosmic Ray Helium Nuclei Intensities between 2004-2010 Near the Earth, at Voyager 2 an..>626.6 KiB2011-Sep-12 21:55
Reduction of Trapped Energetic Particles Fluxes in Earth and Jovian Radiations Belts_ Robert Hoyt_ Michele Cash_ 2007.pdf7.5 MiB2011-Sep-23 11:23
Relative likelihood for life as a function of cosmic time_ A Loeb_ R A Batista_ D Sloan_ 2016.pdf689.7 KiB2019-Dec-28 05:03
Lasers_ arxiv11103835v1.pdf93 B2016-Aug-14 12:00
Removing Orbital Debris With Lasers_ arxiv11103835v1.pdf4.9 MiB2016-Aug-13 17:36
Revised Geometric Estimates of the North Galactic Pole and the Suns Height Above the Galactic Midplane_ arxiv161008125v1.pdf663.4 KiB2016-Dec-27 08:56
Revised Geometric Estimates of the North Galactic Pole and the Suns Height Above the Galactic Midplane_ arxiv161008125v1.pdf154 B2016-Dec-27 13:00
Robert Zubrin - The Case for Mars- The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must.epub2.6 MiB2013-Mar-18 19:13
Searching for Cost Optimized Interstellar Beacons_ arxiv08103966v3.pdf408.4 KiB2013-Jan-15 10:58
Seven temperatre terrestrial planets around the nearly ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1_ Gillon et al_ Nature 2017.pdf2.5 MiB2017-Feb-23 02:45
Soil Diversity and Hydration as Observed by ChemCam at Gale Crater, Mars_ P Y Meslin et al_ Science 2013.pdf5.1 MiB2013-Sep-26 23:01
Solar System Velocity from Muon Flux Anisotropy_ C Monstein_ J P Wesley_ 1996.pdf178.2 KiB2013-May-09 02:18
SolarWindType-vs-SunspotNumber.png255.4 KiB2013-Feb-07 03:22
Solar_Beta-vs-CoronalHeight-vs-EmissionLines.png461.2 KiB2011-Aug-29 15:57
Space Launches Over Time.pdf949.3 KiB2011-Sep-02 07:54
Spectropolarimetric diagnostics of unresolved magnetic fields in the quiet solar photosphere_ arxiv12123048.pdf220.1 KiB2012-Dec-16 13:44
Spectropolarimetry of a Sunspot at 1565nm_ Penumbral Moving Magnetic Features_ M J Penn_ S A Jaeggli_ C J Henney_ S R Walt..>856.7 KiB2011-Oct-31 03:11
Sporadic E_ A Mystery Solved_ David Whitehead_ QST.pdf154.9 KiB2013-Dec-21 17:49
Star Tracker Stellar Compass for the Clementine Mission_ SPIE Proceedings_ 1995.pdf5.8 MiB2012-Jan-02 00:08
Stellar intensity interferometry over kilometer baslines_ Laboratory simulation of observations with the Cherenkov Telesco..>1.3 MiB2018-Mar-07 06:47
Stellar_Magnet-firleds_Berdyungina.jpg159.6 KiB2011-Oct-29 23:50
Sun-Mars Libration Points and Mars Mission Simulations_ J D Strizzi_ J M Kutrieb_ P E Damphousse_ J P Carrico_ AAS 2001.pdf183.9 KiB2017-Mar-05 08:09
TeV Gamma-ray Astronomy_ A Summary_ arxiv12041267.pdf915.4 KiB2012-Apr-12 20:54
The Edges of Our Universe_ Toby Ord_ arxiv2104.01191.pdf7.9 MiB2021-Apr-11 21:48
The First Naked-Eye Superflare Detected From Proxima Centauri_ arxiv180402001.pdf1.8 MiB2018-Apr-09 02:45
The Hopewell airbust event_ 1699-1567 years ago_ 252-383 CE_ Kenneth Barnett Tankersley et al_ 2021.pdf1.3 MiB2022-Feb-04 22:30
The inhomogeneous sub-millimeter atmosphere of Betelgeuse_ arxiv170606021.pdf266.7 KiB2017-Jun-26 21:35
The International Space Station_ Operating an Outpost in the New Frontier_ NASA-SP-2017-634_ 2017.pdf32.6 MiB2021-Jul-08 03:04
The Interstellar Medium White Paper_arxiv1307.0712.pdf820.5 KiB2014-Nov-04 22:53
The Magnetic Field of the Milky Way from Faraday Rotation of Pulsars and Extragalactic Sources_ Aristeidis Noutsos_ 2012.pdf1.3 MiB2012-Nov-30 03:12
The Origin of Magnetic Fields_ Leif Svalgaard_ 2013.pdf411.4 KiB2013-Aug-06 17:48
The origin of the local 1 4-keV X-ray flux in both charge exchange and a hot bubble_ M Galeazzi et al_ Nature 2014.pdf1.5 MiB2014-Aug-08 22:55
The peculiar dipping events in the disk-bearing young-stellar object EPIC 204278916_ arxiv160807291v1.pdf687.1 KiB2016-Sep-14 15:11
The Petrochemistry of Jake_M_ A Martian Mugearite_ E M Stolper et al_ Science 2013.pdf1.2 MiB2013-Sep-26 23:06
The Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102 as Seen on Milliarcsecond Angular Scales_ Marcote et al_ ApJL 2017.pdf842.7 KiB2019-Jun-26 03:55
The Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102_ Multi-Wavelength Observations and Additional Bursts_ P Scholz et al_ ApJ 2016.pdf1.8 MiB2016-Dec-25 15:15
The serendipitous discovery of a possible new solar system object with ALMA_ arxiv151202650v1.pdf170.7 KiB2016-Jan-24 04:42
The State-of-Play of Anomalous Microwave Emission AME Research_ arxiv180208073.pdf13.8 MiB2018-Jun-23 20:24
The Stellar Imager_UV-Optical-0.1milli-arcsecond_30-spacecraft_inteferometer_Report_final_091505.pdf8.4 MiB2011-Sep-22 10:58
The Threat to Life from Eta Carinae and Gamma-ray Bursts_ arxiv0110162v2.pdf187.1 KiB2016-Jan-08 05:41
The Yarkovsky effect as a heat engine_ Ralph D Lorenz_ Joseph N Spitale_ 2004.pdf341.2 KiB2012-Nov-09 11:34
Thick galactic cosmic radiation shielding using atmospheric data_ Robert C Youngquist_ Mark A Nurge_ Stanley O Starr_ Stev..>707.9 KiB2013-Sep-19 21:23
Time series data from_ A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri_ Supplementary_ Guillem..>62.4 KiB2016-Aug-25 02:23
Trajectories and Distribution of Interstellar Dust Grains in the Heliosphere_ Jonathan D Slavin et al_ arxiv12101127v1_ Ap..>1.5 MiB2012-Nov-06 06:28
Transfer of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth to Other Planets_ arxiv12041719v1.pdf100.3 KiB2012-Apr-12 04:11
Transient Emissions from Radio-Active Stars_ Implications for Wide-Field Radio Surveys_ arxiv08012573.pdf147.8 KiB2015-Oct-20 05:03
Turbulence in the Local Interstellar Medium and the IBEX Ribbon_ arxiv1907.07714.pdf3.3 MiB2019-Jul-23 03:10
Two Wide-Angle Imaging Neutral-ATom Spectrometers and Interstellar Boundary Explorer energetic neutral atom imaging of the..>6.2 MiB2017-Mar-10 20:29
Ultra-wideband detection of 22 coherent radio bursts on M Dwarfs_ arxiv181000855.pdf2.9 MiB2019-Feb-15 19:56
Variations of dose rate observed by MSL RAD in transit to Mars_ arxiv150306631.pdf470.5 KiB2015-Mar-29 13:24
Volatile, Isotope, and Organic Analysis of Martian Fines with the Mars Curiosity Rover_ L A Leshin et al_ Science 2013.pdf774.6 KiB2013-Sep-26 23:05
Water Planets in the Habitable Zone_ Atmospheric Chemistry, Observable Features, and the case of Kepler-62e and -62f_ arxi..>1.8 MiB2013-Apr-24 05:50
Wave-theoretical description of the solar gravitational lens_ Slava G Turyshev_ arxiv170305783.pdf135.2 KiB2017-Oct-17 06:19
What Would Happen If We Were About 1 pc Away from a Supermassive Black Hole_arxiv1910.07760.pdf419.7 KiB2020-Jan-23 02:21
Wind driven capillary-gravity waves on Titans lakes_ Hard to detect or non-existent_ A G Hayes et al_ Icarus 2013.pdf728.9 KiB2013-Jul-31 19:46
X-ray Diffraction Results from Mars Science Laboratory_ Mineralogy of Rocknest at Gale Crater_ D L Bish_ Science 2013.pdf631.3 KiB2013-Sep-26 23:04

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