Simulated Woodtype Winamp2 skin fixed for Audacious 2.x

For many years I've been using a skin called "Dirty Simulated Woodtype". Long ago it was with Winamp 2.x on windows. When I moved to linux I began using XMMS, but eventually easy support for gtk1 applications, and the way XMMS interacted with ALSA and/or Pulseaudio became... impaired... in distributions I used. Wanting to stay with a small memory footprint, no nonsense music player I switched over to Audacious 2.3. Unfortunately Audacious isn't completely cross compatible with all Winamp style skins. So I unzipped the skin and spent a few hours trial and error editing bitmaps till the corruptions when away. This is it; the same old skin. But it now works in Audacious 2.x. I tried to contact the creator of this skin but all the email addresses I found just bounced. So I'm hosting it here instead. The .wsz file is just a renamed zip containing the bitmaps. It should load fine in any app supporting winamp skins, and, of course, Audacious.

Simulated Woodtype Winamp2 skin fixed for Audacious 2.x

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How to compile the scrobbling plugin from Audacious 2.2 for Audacious 2.3 on Ubuntu 10.04

$ sudo apt-get install audacious-dev
$ sudo aptitude install libcurl4-dev
$ wget
$ tar -zxvf audacious-plugins-2.2.tgz
$ cd audacious-plugins-2.2

$ ./configure --enable-dependency-tracking --enable-lastfm --enable-scrobbler --disable-aac --disable-icecast --disable-adplug --disable-jack --disable-alsa --disable-altivec --disable-libFLACtest --disable-amidiplug --disable-libmadtest --disable-amidiplug-alsa --disable-lirc --disable-amidiplug-dummy --disable-mms --disable-amidiplug-flsyn --disable-modplug --disable-aosd --disable-mp3 --disable-aosd-xcomp --disable-mtp_up --disable-bluetooth --disable-neon --disable-bs2b --disable-nls --disable-cdaudio --disable-option-checking --disable-coreaudio --disable-oss --disable-cue --disable-paranormal --disable-dbus --disable-projectm --disable-dependency-tracking --disable-projectm-1.0 --disable-dockalbumart --disable-pulse --disable-esd --disable-rocklight --disable-evdevplug --disable-rpath --disable-ffaudio --disable-sid --disable-filewriter --disable-sndfile --disable-filewriter_flac --disable-sse2 --disable-filewriter_mp3 --disable-statusicon --disable-filewriter_vorbis --disable-streambrowser --disable-flacng --disable-vorbis --disable-gio --disable-wavpack --disable-gnomeshortcuts --disable-xmltest --disable-hotkey --disable-xspf

Use an editor to open (in audacious-plugins-2.2) configure (line 7498) and (line 126),


INPUT_PLUGINS="tonegen console psf xsf metronom vtx"
OUTPUT_PLUGINS="crossfade null"
EFFECT_PLUGINS="audiocompress crystalizer ladspa voice_removal sndstretch stereo_plugin echo_plugin"
GENERAL_PLUGINS="song_change alarm skins vfstrace gtkui"
VISUALIZATION_PLUGINS="blur_scope spectrum"




$ make
$ cd src/scrobbler/
$ sudo cp /usr/lib/audacious/General



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