What is a static website?

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I thought I knew: A static website is a site where the webserver serves literal .html files written in HTML where the page does not need any execution of a programming language to display perfectly. I know that CSS is turing complete these days but it is mostly of trivial consequence so far. But apparently modern web dev vernacular has shifted from the "static" focusing on user experience and instead is qualifed by the dev side experience. If the contents of the HTML files are ever changed by execution of a programming language, like say, a shell script that parses a logfile, then it is no longer a static site even if the webserver only serves static .html and media files.

By that definition this wouldn't be a static website. I'm obviously biased but I don't think the modern web dev definition is very useful except in clearing up confusion with those that do.

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<superkuh> 11:47:08, Wed Sep 16, 2022 : /blog/2021-05-27-1.html/, As you found out, nope. But comments are not automatically added to the blog pages that are commented on. They are only automatically added here in the general comment page. So in a sense in-line comments displayed on the blog posts themselves are pre-moderated.