awarenessofthemeta: someone got the robots.txt joke

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A few years back I put some lame jokes in my robots.txt and said a hello to any human reading it. Yesterday someone(?) took a string from that greeting and set it as their bot's user-agent while mirroring a large part of the site.

User-agent: Zombies
Disallow: /brains

User-agent: Killer AI
Disallow: /~superkuh/

User-agent: The person who is reacting to the lame jokes that is reading this robots.txt right now. Yes, you.
Allow: /hello/awarenessofthemeta/
83.159.xx.xx "GET /whysospurious.png" "awarenessofthemeta"
83.159.xx.xx "GET /fig-3-from-bandstop-paper-by-guyette.png" "awarenessofthemeta"
83.159.xx.xx "GET /library/Space/Radio%20Astronomy/Time-scale-of-solar-effects-at-1AU.png
ry/Space/Radio%20Astronomy/" "awarenessofthemeta"

Well... hello person. I really enjoyed the out of band mechanism you've used to talk back. Either it's that or some very weird bot behavior pulling substrings from robots.txt as a random user-agent.

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