How the show Stargate Universe should have ended.

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Stargate SG-1 is the best scifi TV show that has existed so far. Some of it's spin-offs were pretty good. Others, like Stargate Universe, were just okay. But Stargate Universe did have a very interesting plot device. In it they were in a spaceship traveling across galaxies setting down a chain of stargates (wormholes). The ship itself seemed to be trying to read a message in the cosmic microwave background radiation. Neat, right? But the tone of the show was weird and not stargate'y so it was canceled after the first season with no explaination of any of the plots.

I always thought the best resolution of the Stargate Universe plot was that the Destiny spaceship was traveling across the universe in order to get enough baseline distance and so interferometric resolution to see the data encoded in the fine structure of cosmic microwave background. When the ship calculates it is far enough away that the detail encoding the message can be resolved they'll fire up the chain of gates connecting Destiny back to the first end of the telescope, manufactured by the Ancients, creating an interferometer the size of an entire galaxy cluster.

It gives a reason for the ships behavior that's both scientifically plausible and fits in perfectly with the canon plot.

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