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VSRT and MOSAIC Memo Series

See also the draft VSRT Manual, a draft user document created by Dr. Martina Arndt from Bridgewater State College. It has not been tested in the classroom. Once classroom testing is complete the document will be finalized.

You will need a PDF reader such as Acrobat (download) to read the memos.

Memos are categorized by topic for easier browsing:
      V: VSRT
      M: MOSAIC
      E: Education, analysis, and science
      U: Usage, including construction, assembly, materials, and installation
      T: Theory
      H: Hardware and technical information
001 V       T H 111506   Preliminary concept for VSRT image processing A.E.E. Rogers  
002 V       T H 112006   Test signals for VSRT A.E.E. Rogers  
003 V       T   112106   Sign ambiguity in the closure phase A.E.E. Rogers  
004 V     U     011707   Parts for initial tests of VSRT A.E.E. Rogers  
005 V         H 011607   Inexpensive Sun tracking hardware A.E.E. Rogers  
006 V     U     012507   Tests of compact fluorescent lamp as microwave sources A.E.E. Rogers  
007 V         H 013107   Video Detector characteristics A.E.E. Rogers  
008 V   E       020807   Laboratory demonstration projects A.E.E. Rogers  
009 V         H 022707   2 axis mount for VSRT tests - Revised A.E.E. Rogers  
010 V         H 020207   In-line amplifier configurations for the VSRT A.E.E. Rogers  
011 V         H 022807   Ku Band satellite signals A.E.E. Rogers  
012  V   E       030107   Science ideas for a single baseline VSRT A.E.E. Rogers  
013 V   E     H 030207   Demonstration of the sense of circular polarization A.E.E. Rogers  
014 V     U   H 031407   Sample file for VSRT A.E.E. Rogers  
015 V         H 032607   Direct TV Feed Assemblies A.E.E. Rogers  
016 V         H 042307   Frame Grabber Configuration A.E.E. Rogers  
017 V   E       042507   Tests and laboratory demonstrations with a single LNB A.E.E. Rogers  
018 V     U   H 042707   Sample data from short baseline A.E.E. Rogers  
019 V       T   061807   A Method for detecting active solar regions at 12 GHz A.E.E. Rogers  
020 V       T   061907   VSRT fringe detection theory A.E.E. Rogers  
021 V       T   070907   Calculating the visibility of solar disk A.E.E. Rogers  
022 V         H 071007   Correction for feed and axis offsets A.E.E. Rogers  
023 V         H 080207   LNB Local oscillator frequency adjustment A.E.E. Rogers  
024 V   E   T H 081407   Development of a solar imaging array of Very Small Radio Telescopes T. Tsiligaridis A.E.E. Rogers
025 V   E       090707   Laboratory demonstrations/experiments A.E.E. Rogers P. Pratap
026 V         H 081607   Calibration of 2-element interferometer A.E.E. Rogers  
027 V   E       011008   Measurement of solar diameter with single baseline VSRT interferometer A.E.E. Rogers  
028 V   E U     091007  

Simplest laboratory set-up to demonstrate the principles of radio interferometry

A.E.E. Rogers  
029   M     T   101507   Detection of the 313-404 11 GHz transition of ozone in the mesosphere using       VSRT components. A.E.E. Rogers  
030 V   E       040408    REVISED:: Simple set-up to observe fringes on the Sun and measure the solar diameter. A.E.E. Rogers et al.
031   M E U   H 011508   Ozone spectrometer set-up for Chelmsford High School A.E.E. Rogers  
032 V   E       021508   Polarization demonstration using VSRT A.E.E. Rogers  
033   M     T   030308 040912 Modeling an atmospheric spectral line of ozone A.E.E. Rogers  
034 V       T   031008   The single baseline LNBF interferometer A.E.E. Rogers  
035 V   E   T   031008   Near field geometry and dielectric constant measurements. A.E.E. Rogers  
036 V   E   T   031008   Microwave properties of water and ice A.E.E. Rogers  
037 V         H 031008   Antenna lab – a feasibility study A.E.E. Rogers  
038 V       T H 071408   Measurement of the electron temperature and opacity of a CFL A.E.E. Rogers  
039 V M       H 040408   Calculation of a geometry of antenna beam intersection with the mesosphere A.E.E. Rogers  
040   M     T   041408   Modeling the diurnal variation of ozone A.E.E. Rogers  
041   M       H 061908   Satellite TV dish offset geometry A.E.E. Rogers  
042   M     T   062508   Least squares fitting of a curve to the ozone spectrum A.E.E. Rogers  
043   M     T   070108   Ozone kinetic temperature in the lower thermosphere A.E.E. Rogers  
044 V   E   T H 070308   Demonstration of microwave noise output from a heated resistor A.E.E. Rogers  
045   M       H 082608   System noise in Ozone spectrometer A.E.E. Rogers  
046   M       H 091608   Adding a ground screen to the direct TV dish A.E.E. Rogers  
047 V     U     102208   Parts for basic of VSRT A.E.E. Rogers P. Pratap
048   M     T   102208   Calculation of "Equinox" time for ozone diurnal variations A.E.E. Rogers  
049   M     T   110608   Modeling the seasonal variation of nighttime ozone in the mesopause A.E.E. Rogers  
050   M   U     121608  

Installation of Ozone Spectrometer

A.E.E. Rogers  
051   M   U   H 012009   Ozone spectrometer data file format A.E.E. Rogers  
052   M E   T   022309   Simplified radiation balance needed to explain Global warming and upper atmospheric cooling A.E.E. Rogers  
053   M       H 020609   Effect of standing waves on the LNBF cable A.E.E. Rogers  
054   M E       020909   Script for simple MOSAIC data analysis using GNU Octave V. Fish  
055 V         H 030309   Alternate USB 2.0 frame grabber A.E.E. Rogers  
056 M E     031009   Diurnal ozone variations, smoothing of MOSAIC data, and
signal-to-noise ratios
V. Fish  
031709   Frequency calibration of ozone spectrometer A.E.E. Rogers      
058   M E   T   032409   Equation for the buildup of ozone at sunset V. Fish  
059   M E   T   032409   Curve fitting: Nighttime ozone concentration V. Fish  
060   M U   051109   Testing GNU Octave under Windows V. Fish  
      H 051809   Absorber for calibration of ozone spectrometer A.E.E. Rogers  
062  V
      060109   Suggested Ozone spectrometer projects for students A.E.E. Rogers  
063 V

Development of an Optimized Antenna and Other Enhancements of a Spectrometer for the study of Ozone in the Mesosphere

S. Tenneti A.E.E. Rogers    
064 M     T H 081309   Measurements of system noise changes at 11 GHz during heavy rain A.E.E. Rogers      
065   M     T H 092109   On the Feasibility of a Low-cost Methanol Radio Telescope V. Fish A.E.E. Rogers    

Model of a Thermally Driven Pump to Assist in Driving the Meridional Circulation from Summer to Winter Pole Via the Mesosphere

A.E.E. Rogers      
120109   One-dimensional vertical model of wind and temperature over the summer pole A.E.E. Rogers      
068 V     U   H 050310   Measurements of the fraction on linear polarization A.E.E. Rogers      
      072610   Simplified derivation of the conversion of observed ozone line temperature to ozone density concentration. A.E.E. Rogers      
      080612   Parts list for Ozone spectrometer A.E.E. Rogers