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Subject   Pyroelectric Accelerator Overview
Posted by Joe Scherrer on 2012-05-13 15:13
For the past several months I’ve been working on a small pyroelectric particle accelerator, which uses the high potential from a pyroelectric LiTaO3 crystal when heated. Since I’m posting a whole lot of work at once, I’m splitting up the post into several bite-sized replies. Over the summer I’m going to see if I can generate neutrons via DD beam-target reactions (I’ve just recently acquired a beefy BF3 tube from Ebay for that purpose).

(Image 1) An overview of the setup, this time with NaI detector for x-ray spectra measurements. The diffusion pump keeps the system at around 10-6 Torr for electron acceleration.

(Image 2) Closeup of the accelerator column. The crystal is secured to the bottom flange, which is attached to a Peltier thermal element.

(Image 3) Accelerator with tungsten nano-tip electode for ionization (tip produced via electroetching)

(Image 4) A typical heating/cooling cycle and corresponding beam current and x-ray counts.

(Image 5) A typical x-ray spectrum acquired with an NaI scintillator and PRA.

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